Signs You Need to Look for Physiotherapist

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There are many misconceptions about physiotherapy treatment. It is not only reserved for athletes or ill people. In fact, there are also symptoms that require physiotherapy treatment.

In fact, physiotherapy can improve your health in many ways.

Although most are temporary and can be cured with painkillers, some types of pain or limited movement may require evaluation and treatment by a physiotherapist.


Here are signs you need physiotherapy treatment

1. Decreased movement function
Whether your lifestyle is active or inactive, you’ll still notice changes in your body functions, such as the ability to touch your toes, which may vary among individuals.

Therefore, if you were able to touch your toes before and now fail, physiotherapy can help!


2. Body balance ability reduced
People may associate balance problems with something related to the legs or back but in fact it is also related to the ears.

In particular, a structure in the inner ear called the vestibular system is very important for maintaining body balance.

If it is affected, you will start to see symptoms such as imbalance, dizziness and maybe even vertigo (the sensation of the body being out of balance) making it difficult for you to carry out your daily routine.


3. Feeling stiff or fatigue after prolonged sitting
For most jobs that spend a lot of time in front of the computer in particular, the body will often feel stiff and stiff. This happens when sitting for a long time in the same position all day.

If this is combined with poor posture, it can unfortunately lead to muscle tension, back pain and long-term joint pain.

Continuously repeating this routine every day over an extended period will adversely affect your health.

Taking periodic breaks from work, such as going for a walk or stretching your arms and legs, is highly recommended. Doing so can effectively address the earlier mentioned issue.

Visit your physiotherapist for advice, treatment and posture management so that the issues that plague you can be managed.


4. Persistent pain
When experiencing an injury, it’s typical to feel some level of pain, which generally subsides as the body’s tissues start to heal.

For example, if you’ve sprained your ankle or hand, you may feel pain and discomfort for several weeks.

When the ligament begins to heal, the pain will decrease until the condition becomes normal. But sometimes this pain will not stop as expected and become more chronic.

This usually occurs with back and lower neck pain that can be attributed to many factors.

A physiotherapist can evaluate the underlying root cause of your concern and create a personalized treatment and rehabilitation regimen to alleviate discomfort and facilitate recovery.


5. Uncontrolled urination
Urinary incontinence is common, with an estimated 3 to 6 million individuals suffering from this problem. Urinary incontinence is one of the diseases that requires physiotherapy.

Pelvic floor exercises can be especially beneficial for individuals, especially women, because urinary incontinence tends to occur more often in women than in men and may worsen with age, appearing in two main types: stress and urge incontinence.

If this problem involving urine occurs suddenly and especially if you experience spinal nerve pain or leg pain, see a doctor immediately to avoid the possibility of a more serious illness.

For some individuals, pain in and around the right knee becomes a problem that limits their movement.


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